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Feed Your Skin to Beauty

beutifull skin“What we eat is what we are” goes the saying. Chosen carefully, food can
completely alter the way you look, more so, even the way you feel. Beauty
is nothing, but just the health quotient of your skin. Healthier skin is always
beautiful. No amount of topical application of the beauty ingredients – at
least claimed – can compensate for the healing effect of the healthy food
ingested orally.

Skin is constituted of collagen: the protein responsible for making the
skin supple and firm. Moreover, one of the end products of the digestive
process, the free radicals, they are the reason behind collagen losing its
character and pre- mature aging of the skin.

Poor diet – lacking in essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and
carbohydrates in the required proportions – can kill the skin texture, apart
from affecting the vital processes in the body, the resultant effect of which
reflects on the skin. Stress is the third culprit.

Adequately nutritive food is a potent weapon for reigning in all the
mentioned causes of the skin losing its beauty. The effect of free radicals
can be neutralized by ingesting ample amounts of antioxidants. Vitamins E,
C and A are powerful antioxidants: raw vegetables of all colors are loaded
with them like tomatoes, spinach, celery, radish, carrots and so on.

Cooking these vegetables for longer and at higher temperatures
disintegrate their structure, rendering them ineffective in fighting free
radicals. Cooking food at lower temperatures and for shorter periods of
time can help preserve these free radical fighting antioxidants, and assist
the skin retain its vitality.

Covering the utensil being used for cooking can prevent the loss of the vital
nutrients via evaporation. Two to three servings of raw vegetable salad
per day, adds sheen to the surface of the skin. Eating foods which help

detoxify your body can take years off your skin: drinking lemon grass juice
stimulates urination, aiding in flushing out the toxins – waste products –
from the blood stream.

Microwave cooking helps preserve the vital nutrients in the food, though
some people require re-programming their palate suiting the same. Keep
a check on the intake of the amount of fat in your diet. Though fat is an
essential additive – in diminutive measures though – to a beauty inducing
diet, its intake need to be regulated commensurate with your metabolism
and daily energy requirement.

Excessive intake of fat with respect to the amount the body can utilize daily,
gets stored in the form of adipose tissue under the skin, giving it a puffy
and an unhealthy look. Same goes with sugar, required for instant energy
needs, if ingested in access, adds to the fat stored under the skin with
similar consequences.

Sugar needs to be avoided altogether from entering your plate, especially
the crystallized sugar, consuming which is the most criminal act a diet
conscious being can perform. A beauty diet is the one which is devoid
of carbohydrate – potatoes, rice and white bread to name few- rich
ingredients into it.