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Breathing a whiff of life into your current boring kitchen space!

kitchen spaceFor those with the passion for food, the kitchen is nothing less than a place of worship. A place where passions survive, yet the heart finds immense pleasure and solace. If you have been planning on how and what you could do to your kitchen to make it a completely new space; looking up kitchen magazines and decor shows to see what would suit your kitchen best; particular new cabinetry style and new countertops. Whether you select a stained wood or painted cabinet, granite or quartz countertop, there is a bigger picture to be considered first.

Good kitchen planning is key to get rid of the clutter from the kitchen counter. A good design with storage space for those extra elements that usually mess up your counter

In order to conduct a successful renovation, you need to study your current kitchen well, understanding the elements you’d like to keep, improve and get rid off. One needs to understand that renovating a kitchen does not mean just beautifying it. All the illustrations of these impeccable kitchen spaces that you see all over glossy magazines are merely representations meant to inspire. They do not necessarily have the traits of a good and convinient kitchen. An important thing to be kept in mind while re-modelling is identifying the working space and the storage area. Get rid of all that you dislike and improvise on the things you wish to keep and improve.

Enlist the problems you face in your current kitchen, right up from clutter to the flow of things and look for viable solutions to make better them. Ask yourself simple questions like – What is obstructing your work flow, complicating simple tasks into massive ones? What are the objects or elements that lead to clutter and make your station unpleasant? Etc. See how you can adjust your stray vessels, appliances etc using smart and accomodating cabinet designs. Look up the internet for cabinetry features and see what designs would suit the volume of the elements from your kitchen.

Tactfully divide the  items depending on their usage. For example items used on a daily basis like plates, cutlery, glasses, plastic containers, pots and pans can be in an easily accessible cabinet. Elements used occasionally like ice-boxes, picnic baskets, barbeque set-up,small appliances etc can be settled in a seperate cabinet. Applying this bifocation helps you judge the location of the item you want and makes it easily accesible for you. Please get rid of the items you do not wish anymore, they just add to the clutter and chaos.

Plan your new kitchen as per the tasks you wish to engage in like cooking, baking, cleaning-up etc and the amenities needed for the same.

Keep the design of the kitchen extremely user friendly. Try and adopt a universal design that has features making it accesible to every demography.

It may sound like a mammoth task to you, but taking help from an experienced planner or a designer may just ease your burden substantially. Remember it is easier to avoid a mess than eradicate it.

Have a little fun and manage to click “before” and “after” photos, you’ll be pleasantly surprized at what you’ve managed to do to your favourite space.