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Just a sweet tooth or an entire you the sugar addiction story

sugar adiccionDo you feel the need to nibble on sweet knick knacks or do you find the walk past a sweet shop a difficult one? Well you may just be addicted to all things sweet, without even having an inkling.

You may be a through and through foodie and a stubborn kid when it comes to your sweets; but if you’re okay only after satisfying your sugar cravings you may well be a sugar addict. There’s no harm in being weak willed when it comes to sweet dishes, but if you identify with the signs keeping a check is important. After all an excess of anything is not good for health. Isn’t it?

So if you know you’re sugar obsessed well and good. If not go through the traits we are about to discuss and you’ll know where you stand.

Ever seen a kid enjoy his ice cream cone with that grin on his face announcing ‘yummilicious’; have it made your heart rumble and your tummy growl in want, so much that you have set your hands in your pocket, pulled out money and headed straight to the ice cream van.

If you enjoy the sugar rush, meaning the sugar high not much after you have  consumed sugar, you are losing yourself to the sweet demon.

Closely connected to the first trait is the opposite of the sugar rush, better known as ‘sugar low’. Occuring approximately an hour after you’ve consumed sugar, you may experience symptoms like restlessness or uneasiness.

Do you get all pink and excited when you walk into a sweet shop or are treated to a buffet of all things sweet? If yes, you’re a ‘sweet’ person.

When you have finished the last bar of chocolate in the house, and still open the refrigrator several times to try and hope for a miraculous bar to be present; the ‘sweet bug’ has bit you.

Sweets can literally burn a hole in your pocket if you can’t control yourself in a sweet mart. So what if you empty your wallet by the time you walk out of the store; your hands are still filled with bags of beverages and sweet meat to keep you distracted from your monetary losses.

If you’re sipping on a drink with a sugar-syrupped  cherry in it and if you lose it with the other remnants of the glass to its bottom; if you painfully try to scoop it out not caring about what the world around thinks of you. If you can risk it, while the space is being evacuated to still there and give rooting the cherry a shot; if you get cranky and irritable when you’re finally forcefully evacuated- you my friend are officially sugar crazy.

If you can relate to this? If you think you’re a sugar addict? And what happens when you are out of your sugar supplies? The answers to this can be equally amusing and scary. We’re not saying having a melting heart for a good dessert or a quick sweet bite is bad, but binging on it is sinful for you and your body.