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Clicking that perfect picture of that delicately presented food you’ve created!

Clicking that perfect picture of that delicately presented food you've created!Ever wondered what makes the food in the papers, or the hoardings or in the magazines look so amazingly great and appetizing? Ever drooled over that perfect pie or lip smacking dessert? Ever contemplated as to what goes into the clicking of these deliciously appetizing pictures? Well there are a lot of ways to play around with the food as well as viewer’s eye. The art heavily relies on the complexity of the dish and what portion are we trying to hilight.

Using props can make a lot of difference while enhancing a picture. Try clicking pictures using tools, utensils etc as props to bring out the element of energy or the angle of action for a good shot. This could also be used to catch the attention of the viewer and redirect it to the aspect of the dish we want him or her to take note of.

Photographing food can be both – an easy or a mammoth task. The good thing about food is that it will never fuss. Food is unlike the usual model with her bag of tantrums and pose patiently till you get that ultimate shot. But on the cons side food can also be a difficult model because it sits still. You can’t ask it to powder itself or touch up its makeup to look fresh just as you can’t ask it to look lip smacking delicious.

Now right here comes in your talent. Since you’re the photographer you need to breathe life into the food so that it works for the eyes of the viewer, making his stomach crave it. The lighting and the angle of the dish also play a pivotal role in creaating this effect.

The best props would include the serving dish or bowl. The tools used to whip up the dish can also serve as good props. However remember the element that is prime to you and needs to be brought out in the picture and accordingly place the props. For example while clicking photographs of dishes that comes across as dull due to its color and/or texture, the props can make a lot of difference adding that zing to the picture. For example a carving knife accentuates a smoked chicken, establishing the tender meat under the smoked surface surface.

Using props can also visually tell a story that goes behind the creation of the dish. Taking a shot of a sizzler plate being smoked up, conveys the action that leads to the final dish. Similarly a scoop of fresh cream held on a laddle over a cup cake establishes the placing of the cream on the cup cake to create a finished delicacy.

Now if you want the viever to concentrate on your favourite part of the dish make generous use of tools without being direct. Use a fork to split open a portion of the dish where you wish to show off the texture or a spoon through a blob of icecream.

So keep that camera of your’s ready the next time you invest time in great food. You’ll have framed memories, of the time you wish to cherish.