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Glossy magazine kitchens are good to the eye, not necessarily best for you!

Glossy magazine kitchens are good to the eyeDo not live the idea you see in a magazine’s perfect snapshot; be practical, calculated and well planned when you think of that ideal kitchen for your dream spread

Designing a kitchen for your new house can be quite a taxing and testing task. There are so many things you want your new house to be the process flow easier, it’s a good idea to sit down and really think about what you want to get out of your new kitchen. Kitchen experts usually ask their clients to come up with a list. This list is basically about the needs of their new kitchen, the things they want and things that they may be open too if their budget allows. This is a good way to also set a budget.

Experts with years of practical experience behind them have their additional set of questions for their clients. While going through the lists they usually always find glitches that they sort with these additional details and questions.

Usually what most clients need is a better walk flow, space and more storage facilities. Special facilities like double ovens or baking spaces for large meals can also be included. But people often never pay attention to details like whether they are right or left handed, or for that matter whether other familymembers are right or left handed. Workflow is affected by this. Universal accessibility elements should be incorporated in the kitchen design to make a happy kitchen space.

Keeping the children in mind, safety concerns must be thought of. Safety measures must be a priority when you design your kitchen. May be special seating arrangements for the children can also be incorporated in the design, especially for new mothers using the kitchen while raising a toddler.

The Wants list might include cabinets, trash bins, recycle bins, a microwave, an oven, a refrigerator among other things.

If your budget is open, you might also have a dream kitchen list with a wet bar, wine racks or another refrigerator, accessories etc.

The good thing about putting thought and pre-planning these things is that this will avoid any hurdles once the work starts full fledged.One should not be thinking about things last minute.

Once your list is well revised and ready then it’s time for the next level. Step out into the market and scout multiple showrooms to get an idea of the products available. According to the choices available to you, make the necessary alterations to your list. This prepares you for your next sitting with the designer, because you are clear about what you saw and want. This signals the green light to your designer, and he will get cracking with your list, getting your dream kitchen ready.

The skill of the designer is shown when he makes the most out of what is given to him/her. For example cabinet sizes are important as is the storage space. Ample yet practical designs are a testify the designer’s skill. A good kitchen designer will give you just the kitchen you wished for and beyond. Nothing short of that.