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Breakfast: The tale of the evolution of the first meal of the day into the most important one!

BreakfastWhen most food researchers and lovers around the world, predict the trends that the year is going to experience, there’s definately much thought and contemplation riding behind it; after all food is a passion that does not thrive on lesser love. So when popular kitchen, grocery-store, super market or dinner table talk suggest the rise of the otherwise shy breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Like we earlier said, the food people say nothing without a reason and the benefits and importance of having breakfast are next to undebatable now; with researches after researches enlisting and strengthening, the Breakfast as the ‘it’ meal of the day. The benefits of breakfast are seen in all age groups, in big and small ways. For example children who take breakfast before heading to school are likely to perform better in school activities. Survey’s indicate that the children less behavioral issues, better concentration and grasping power, approprite body weight, more energy and stamina, lesser mood swings and more agility. The constant fluctuations in the food market and the incresing food prices has convinced several people to adopt protein rich breakfast items as lunch and dinner foods to be able to cut costs while maintaining the healthy intake of food.

Men who do not consume breakfast are more prone to be afflicted with Type 2 Diabetes than those who take breakfast. A 20 per cent higher risk to be precise after accounting the body mass index and the quality of the breakfast the sample’s consumed. Studies suggest skipping the first meal  increases the chances of becoming obese or having a heart attack. A Harvard Medical school study suggests that people who eat breakfast are less likely to feel hungry in the course of the day and resultantly less likely to overeat.

The best way to keep oneself fit is to keep a constant check on the blood sugar levels; keeping blood sugar stable is crucial to good health. A good way to start the day on a good note is having a good breakfast. With a whole pandora’s box of choices you can really choose your pick of the day. Some of the best options include yogurt, granola or cereal, an omelet with whole grain bread and vegetables, a fresh or frozen fruit smoothie with youghurt with side eggs, oatmeal, fresh juices or a plain glass of milk. Almond or peanut butter are not only a good source of proteins, but other nutrients and minerals too. You can also mix and match your options making them super nutritious. For example, you can add Nut and seed butters in oatmeal or dry fruits to your smoothie and turn up the nutrition quotient. Fresh fruits are also a brilliant and obviously a very healthy choice to start your day. What better than a banana and peanut-butter whole wheat sandwich or a strawberry and youghurt mix for that excellent start.

A good breakfast at the start of the day is the secret of staying healthy. So pick up a healthy first meal to have a great day.