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Benefits of Eating Sprouts

Benefits of Eating Sprouts!Sprouts are the germinating seeds which are eaten raw. The process involves soaking them in water, and then allowing them to germinate in a pan, till the seedlings are about the size comfortable enough to be consumed raw or after light cooking. Sprouts score very high among the food items generally touted for health benefits.

Sprouts are the cheapest option for staying and looking healthy. It has been proved beyond doubt that the protein and vitamin content of the seed enhances considerably during the sprouting process. On the other hand, cooking longer at high temperatures actually destroys the vitamins like C, K and E. Hence sprouting not only preserves the vitamins to be used by our system, it actually enhances the concentration of the same.

The sprouts contain large amounts of natural enzymes, which help overhaul the processes inside the body, making the absorption of nutrients more efficient and complete. The essential enzymes are rendered inactive by exposure to heat during the cooking process. Thus eating sprouts is the only way to ingest these enzymes intact.

Sprouts are an excellent way of eating fiber in our food. The fiber remains firm and active in sprouts, as cooking can dissolve it to some extent. Fiber helps by binding with the waste material and toxins inside the system and flushing them out.   The bowels function at their best when sufficient quantity of fibre is present in the digestive waste. Taking fiber at its rawest is the easiest technique for ridding the body of harmful substances.

It has also been found that the characteristics of protein get enhanced during the sprouting process, especially during the soaking stage. The quality of some of the immunity strengthening   proteins like Lysine is considerably enhanced by soaking. Soaking also expels harmful chemicals like tannins from the seeds – where they occur naturally – if ingested can cause diseases like cancer.

Another benefit sprouting offers is that the minerals like calcium, phosphorous and potassium binds with the proteins – during soaking – contained in the seed, making their absorption more efficient and easy.  These minerals function as   intermediaries between a number of body functions, especially related to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Chemically sprouts are alkaline in nature, thus they help counteract the excessive acids produced in the body. Production and retention of acids in the system can prove to be carcinogenic and damaging to the organs. The energy laying latent inside the seeds gets kindled enough to be better utilized by the body by soaking.

Due to all the mentioned reasons, sprouts impact our health positively from all the required angles: it helps with losing weight; infuses the system with antioxidants, prevents the wearing down of the cells and cleansing the system by flushing out the disease causing toxins.

Sprouting helps preserve all the natural benefits trapped inside the seed, which get reduced and deactivated or are lost completely by exposure to heat during cooking. Some may not find sprouts scrumptious enough to be eaten raw, they are advised to  lightly cook the sprouts to alter the raw taste before consuming them.  The taste of the sprouted seeds can also be enhanced by adding them to salads or just sprinkling some condiments over them.