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Kitchen – A Woman’s Alter Ego

Kitchen - A Woman’s Alter EgoThe hearth is to the kitchen, so is a woman to a home.   A kitchen reflects the true feminity of the woman in myriad ways. The trait common to both is feminity.  Feminity is all about constructive forces and that’s what a woman and a kitchen stands for: both are nurturing, accommodating and sensitive by nature.

Sensitivity is the most important  trait common between them: cooking – as the action part of the kitchen – is an art, that can be perfected only by imbibing the sensitivity to the delicate playing of ingredients in a recipe;  the woman strives to maintain the same delicate balance between the ingredients – family member and the related chores – the household is made of.

In modern times the construct and the constitution of a kitchen is a direct reflection of the status and ostentation of the owning family, and especially of the woman of the house. The lately made-over kitchens with the modular components and accompanying sheen to flaunt , goes very well with the blatantly transmogrifying persona of the woman.

Both the housewife and the kitchen are the center as well as the mascot of the culture of the house. You just need to peep into the kitchen in order to have a feel of the  culture of the house., the same is indicated by the way a housewife clothes herself and gyrates in the kitchen while performing various tasks.

In case a house wife is upset about something, no other part of the house is as apt a reflection of the state of her mind as a kitchen is. Her disturbed Psyche would instantaneously get translated into an unkempt platform, smelling refrigerator and the badly cooked food.

Both of their identities are mutually inclusive to each other: both of them resonate and feed each other’s existence. The woman is the empress of the kitchen: everything in there is at her whims and fancy, in fact the kitchen is the only section of the entire house the woman actually dwells in.

The layout of the work area, the degree of cleanliness, the type of the utensils and their arrangement, the use of color or the texture on the interiors and the aroma emanating from there in, projects a flawless image of her personality. Both are made for, and of each other in the real sense.

Modern kitchens – keeping with the pace of its woman- are getting shorn of their feminity  to a great extent. As the modern woman takes over masculine territories, and in the process lose a tad of their feminity, their kitchens follow suit by taking up less curvaceous designs, louder colors and rougher textures.

Advanced technology has made it possible for a woman to further fine tune the kitchen area as a co-extension of her identity. The options that are available in the market pertaining to the look, usability and productivity of the kitchen is something never seen before. The best part is that the popularity and affordability of modern/ modular kitchens is leveling out the creases created by the status/culture conscious society.