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Vegetarian versus Non Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian versus Non Vegetarian FoodA perennial debate is on since eons ,  which one is better from among the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian food, the spiritual and religious aspects included.  Let us keep it more scientific and try to rationale out the facts and figures backing both.

Both the types have their own brighter and darker sides to some extent. Food from vegetative origin is richer in fiber and most of the essential minerals and vitamins. It is found to be more easily digestible as most of the digestive juices which are released in our stomach are tuned to vegetarian food.

Humans have canine teeth , standing a proof to the fact that  our bodies are built for eating flesh.  Non vegetarian meals are richer in iron , protein and some vitamins like Vitamin B 12. These substances are not available in vegetarian food in so high concentrations, as they are available in meat.

Research supports the fact that people living on a non vegetarian diet are more prone to chronic  disorders like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Is it because the flesh is not very well aligned with our body systems and produces serious aberrations in the long run ?  Psychology has also contended the premise that people who feed on flesh more than the vegetative products are more inclined to anger and the whole gamut of negative emotions.

Spiritualists adduce this to the kind of energy the food inherits from the source it is derived from: procuring of flesh involves murder, and thus the negative energy gets blocked inside the animal from going through the horror of the process involved. Pain is thought to be experienced only by the brain, thus all things vegetative do not experience negativity during their processing.

Vegetarians  have been shown to be having comparatively longer and healthier lives.  Meat , especially from sea food can be quite dangerous to eat as a lot of fish considered as delicacies, have mercury in them , ingesting which can lead to a number of irreversible damages to the body like cancer and brain related disorders.

Yes seafood is the richest source of calcium and especially fish are loaded with certain proteins which are unknown to the vegetarian world. Eating meat is considered to be more nourishing for the skin and thus helps in enhancing the looks. The white of the egg is another healthy source of protein, unparalleled in the vegetative world.

Vegetables and fruits, apart from being rich in fiber and minerals are almost devoid of any fat. Flesh on the other hand is encumbered with the fat to a great extent. Meat takes longer to cook than the vegetables. There is a fear of getting an infection from meat, if not cooked properly, because animals house a lot of germs in their systems which are capable of withstanding extreme cold and high temperatures during the processing of the same.

It looks like that a combination of both can form a wholesome human diet. Meat should be avoided in access by people for whoms fat is a big no. Cooking non vegetarian meals for the required period can help get rid of the germs housed inside it.