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The Super Men in the Supermarket and the Kitchen kings at home.

The Super Men in the Supermarket and the Kitchen kings at home.The food arena is no more an alien zone to the men of the world. Working men to the stay at home dads, men are picking up the supplies and whipping up the delights in their new found play zones – the aisles of the super market leading to the kitchen. In 2012, it was anticipated that men were to test their culinary and home shopping skills that year, striking a food trend. However by the end of the year, the growth of the trend was such that it is already predicted how 2013 is going to see this develop to another level altogether. In 2013 men are expected to establish a strong hold, with the boys, dads and men at large influencing our food and playing the roles of both- that of a shopper and a cook. As per a 2012 survey conducted by the organization- Cone Communications, about 52% of dads can now relate to driving to the grocery store, picking up kitchen and grocery supplies and stocking up their homes. A fact established by ESPN which reported that 31 per cent of grocery shoppers are men, a massive increase to almost double the numbers in 1985. Also with the several young single men living by themselves, the numbers of men cooking for themselves has increased. A very interesting survey find says that the men of the house are more likely to plan a meal chart for the week than the women; a very startling 52% vs. 46% in statistics. This too they plan their weekly chart way in advance. The discomfort of getting to work in the kitchen is wearing off and their culinary skills improving by the day.

One motivating factor is certainly the numbers of husbands starting to work at home, or even find some work and participate in household activities. A second factor is the new found joy that men are experiencing in cooking up a meal. Also the need to alter ones food habits due to lifestyle or health based reasons can lead men to make efforts in terms of food.

We see several supermarkets trying to woo the “kitchen” men are experimenting with something called  “man-aisles”. A “man aisle” is basically a location in the super market which is catered to men. It features food targeted at men and other products to create an ambience for shopping and facilitating impulse buys. We see an active campaign to develop a long lasting effect to attract the male shopper; to empower and encourage them via several inititives with in-store shopping, nutrition tours and programs cooking school. There is a surge in numbers of men taking up cooking classes, set to the convinience of men; like corporate cooking batches for men who work the day.

Food they say is a passionate art; one that has been associated to women down the ages. But in food as a business venture, it has mostly been the male chefs who are appreciated. Now when food has grown into a domestic luxury, even the need of a good meal on a normal, an occasion-less day is stepping in.