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Must Haves for the kitchen

Must Haves for the kitchengA minimalist kitchen is a clean and organized kitchen. Minimalist here does not mean substituting one tool or appliance for the other. This can be quite inconvenient most of the times. Minimalist here stands for the minimum number of tools and appliances required in order to handle all the tasks related to the functions of a kitchen.

Think about the kitchen and the first thing that comes to mind is the knife. Sharp knives are a better option; you need to lean handling them with dexterity to avoid unwanted cuts on yourself. Out of the many types and sizes available, acquiring the basic three – Chef, serrated and paring – can take care of most of your chopping requirements.

A flexible tong is next on the priority list. It would act as the extension of your hands in flipping, turning and holding the objects while cooking. Avoid hoarding an array of different sized pots and pans in your kitchen.  Two non stick saucepans of different sizes – catering to different quantities – should suffice for all the major frying and sautéing you would be required to do on a regular basis.

Spatulas, wooden and metallic can take care of activities, outside the sphere of tongs; they can mix, churn and flip food like omelettes and sandwiches on the hot pan quite conveniently. Spatulas are also a better option for mixing ingredients homogeneously as required by the recipe.

A small and a large box grater is a must in every kitchen. Grated, onions and ginger is the base for any recipe to start with. Cheese blocks cannot be used as it is in any preparation; a grater comes into the picture again here. Choose the grater very diligently as the size and angle of the cut decides on the quantity of the aroma that releases from the food.

If you do a lot of baking, you cannot afford to avoid owning a basic set of measuring cups.  They also come handy in case you are an amateur cook otherwise as well. Trying new recipes necessitates the use of measuring cups in case you want to be right the first time.

A blender is the genie in the kitchen: it would take care of all your chopping, grinding and mixing. Other than a microwave oven the blender is the only appliance in your kitchen, the use of which is limited by your imagination. Microwave oven is another essential item you can’t do without in your kitchen. It is the safest and time efficient  technology for doing almost everything.

Spoons of different sizes can help for handling materials for different purposes.  Liquid strainers made of metal mesh in varying sizes are a necessity in the kitchen. A Colander would take care of washing large quantity of vegetables though.   A set of three different sized cooking bowls would close the list of the essential items for the kitchen.

Add to these a chopping board and a set of napkins, and you stand well equipped for inaugurating your kitchen.