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Wonder Kitchen Appliance – Microwave Oven

Microwave OvenMicrowave technology was not meant to be for the kitchen initially. It was for the good fortune of a chocolate bar melting in a technocrat’s pocket, working in a microwave infested area that the idea of utilizing the heating effects of these extremely harmless waves in the kitchen germinated.

Other than helping cook our food, Microwave entertains us by carrying radio signals laden on them to large distances and aiding TV transmission on the same lines. Other than the communication industry, they are being extensively used in medical and plywood industry.

These waves produce heat inside the food particles by transferring their frequency – vibration – to the water molecules present in food and eventually raising the temperature of the same. Microwave cannot heat up moisture less food items; water is necessary for it to be effective. This is why only the food content gets heated up, and not the dish holding it.

Microwave cooking keeps the color and the nutrients of the food intact; food cooked in a microwave oven is healthier than the conventionally cooked meals. It can also be used as an instant food warmer. Utensils made of materials not transparent to microwaves cannot be used for cooking with them , like utensils made of iron and other metals. Variations of plastic and paper are microwave friendly materials.

Microwave ovens consume less power and can be stationed conveniently anywhere in the kitchen. A creative mind can take more out of this oven than just cook with it. Dusters used for cleaning can be disinfected by microwaving them for 5 minutes.  Heating pads used for soothing physical pain are more efficiently warmed up in a microwave oven.

A microwave oven keeps its own time for cooking, as it has its own timer. Exposing citrus fruits to microwaves can help by softening the harder materials and releasing more juice while they are squeezed. The aroma of these fruits also gets enhanced by lightly cooking them with microwaves.

Children’s crayons can be melted and reshaped as per their creativity. Frozen cosmetics are also best used by melting/ warming them with a microwave oven. The reason why this technology scores over conventional heating methods is that microwaves heat the contents consistently throughout.

Exposure to unconcealed microwaves can prove detrimental to humans in many ways.  Leaving aside the precautions needed to avoid its direct exposure, it is the most harmless way of accomplishing multiple tasks at home. Never try to open the door of the oven midway during cooking. Do not start the emission gun while the door is open. There are very less chances of an accidental exposure, because the emission is reciprocally linked to the door of the oven.

If used appropriately, microwave oven is the master appliance in the kitchen; its uses can be as wide as your imagination. It is the easiest to clean and operate. The advanced models are coming with facilities like grilling and heating by convection, further adding to its uses in the kitchen.

People who have been using the conventional stove for years find it a bit difficult for switching over to this technology; a minor change of the mindset can open the gates of unlimited possibilities in your kitchen for you.